Smok V8 baby coils


SMOK V8 Baby coils
Pack Size: 5 Coils

for tanks equipped with the TFV8 Baby tank and TFV12 Baby Prince tank, devices such as the Alien kit and Priv V8 use this tank.

These are official SMOK coils made perfectly for use with a range of SMOK devices using the Baby V8 coil.


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Available Options:

0.15 Ohm – M2 (Dual Coil)

0.25 Ohm – M2 (Dual Coil)

0.40 Ohm – Q2 (Dual Coil)
40w-80w (Best: 55w-65w)

0.60 Ohm – Q2 (Dual Coil)
20w-50w (Best: 30w-40w)

0.40 Ohm – Q4 (Quad Coil)
30w-65w (Best: 50w-60w)

0.15 Ohm – X4 (Quad Coil)
30w-70w (Best: 45w-60w)

0.20 Ohm – T6 (Sextuple Coil)
40w-130w (Best: 70w-90w)

0.15 Ohm – T8 (Octuple Coil)
50w-110w (Best: 60w-80w)

0.15 Ohm – T12 (Duodecuple Coil)
50w-90w (Best: 60w-80w)

0.15 Ohm – Mesh
40w-80w (Best: 60w-70w)

0.15 Ohm – Strip
40w-100w (Best: 80w-90w)

After changing your coil, it is important to prime the new coil to prevent burning the wicking material inside it. Fully fill the tank with e-liquid and leave the new coil to soak for 5-10 minutes before use.


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0.15Ohm M2 (dual coil), 0.25 Ohm (dual coil), 0.40 Ohm Q2 (dual coil), 0.60 Ohm Q2 (dual coil), 0.40 Ohm Q4 (Quad coil), 0.15 Ohm X4 (quad coil), 0.20 Ohm T6 (Sextuple coil), 0.15 Ohm T8 (octuple coil), 0.15 Ohm T12 (Duodecuple coil), 0.15 Ohm Mesh, 0.15 Ohm Strip